Senior designer at Eg.G

Creative Director / Founder of Pin

Clients Past & Present Include:
Phantasy. Now Wave. YES. Homobloc. Trof. Gorilla. Bluedot. Grand Central Records. Albert’s Schloss. PIAS. The Warehouse Project. The Royal Exchange. Mute Records. Deathretro. From the Fields. Band on the Wall. Whitney (Band). R-Store. Arts Council UK. Erol Alkan. Escape to Freight Island. Sankeys Soap. Electriks. Albert Hall. Edward II. BAB. We are Indigo. Beacons. Manchester Digital Music Archive. Rudy’s Pizza. Common & Co. Parklife Festival. Ape. The Deaf Institute. Electric Elephant Festival. Holy Crab. Piccadilly Records. Rasa Theatre Productions. Nell’s Pizza.


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